FOOD: Pizza Republic “Pick+Mix” by Giuseppe

Let me take you to one of Cebu’s hottest pizzeria: Pizza Republic!
It is definitely not your typical pizzeria.
You got to fall in line and pick your toppings including your cheese and sauce.
There are a lot of choices but I had to choose fast because lots of people are continuously pouring in (it is very popular).

These are the pizzas we made:

And here’s mine:

Mine’s kinda like a breakfast pizza.
Can you guess its main topping?
No, not hard boiled!
It was really quite a funny story.
There were eggs by the counter so I pointed at them (thinking there were hard boiled).
I was literally shocked when the girl cracked it up and out came the raw egg all over my beloved pizza on top of all my hams and pineapples!
I was nervous on how it would taste like.
On my first bite, I hated it! haha!
Conclusion: I am no good on picking and mixing pizza toppings!
Next time I’ll just have my friends do the thing!

But we had a great time and everybody ate a slice of each of the pizza we made.
Though my friends still tease me on my breakfast pizza, it was fun and we had a great time!
The ambiance is also great for hanging out with groups though you can’t sit on the table for long considering customers are lining up by the door.

Pizza Republic is located in:
Salinas Drive, Cebu City, Cebu
Contact (032) 266 3397
FB page:

Give it a try friends!

Love <3,