HOW-TO: Getting a Student’s Permit in LTO Cebu

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Warning: Blog below is a mixture of English and Bisaya sometimes. 😉

One day, I was on an adventure trying to procure my 2nd student’s permit (hereon referred to as SP) because now I am finally determined to learn how to drive.

I decided to apply for a permit in LTO Mandaue branch assuming there would be not so much people there since the location is not that accessible and not the main branch of LTO.

I arrive there 10:30am and the guard said that they already had their cutoff time of giving out SPs and I have to return tomorrow to come and get some.
I was like ‘whattt?? BADTRIP!!!’

I came all the way there in the heat of the sun and it was NOOOO easy path.
It was a long commute all the way from Consolacion.

Commute from Consolacion to LTO Mandaue:
Ride the UBOS jeepney (P9 fare) > naog sa ST JOSEPH church > sakay white tricycle (P8) and tell the driver you’re off to LTO.

Sheesh so I decided to head off to LTO Cebu (the main branch here) to try my luck.

Commute from LTO Mandaue to LTO Cebu:
Avail of the TRISIKAD (P5) directly outside of LTO Mandaue > sa eskina naog ka and sakay the Mandaue jeepney heading for SM Cebu (P8) > From SM, ride Bulacao jeepney – 10H (P8) > stop at CCMC (Cebu City Medical Center) > walk a little and you are already there sa LTO.

I suggest you ask occasionally from people if you get unsure on where to next.
That is all that I really did all throughout this adventure.
Beforehand, I had no idea on how to get to these LTOs. 😉
Asking for directions really got me to my destinations for the day! Wohoo! (patting myself at the back).

When I arrived at LTO Cebu, two women approached me asking if I would get a license.
I said SP.
And they told me that I need to have a drug test.
I said NO.
Good thing I researched beforehand on the requirements for applying for SP!
Drug test is only needed for the license requirements which would be a month later after SP procurement.
Pwd ta ko mg drug test but murag gadali mn ko ato so y waste time nga I have all the necessary requirements for SP (Birth Certificate and mooooneeey).
By the way, also in LTO Mandaue, a lot of people would pester you before you would enter the gates.
I think they are some sort of fixers or something.
Just ignore and directly head to the LTO office.

LTO Cebu is not really that easy to identify since they don’t have a signage or anything outside of the building.
I just knew that it was before the South Bus Terminal.
Good thing the terminal has a good signage for it alerted me that I already went past the LTO.

LTO Cebu is directly beside the South Bus Terminal so f maabot na gni kag terminal, meaning ana nilapas nka.
Adto kas pikas bldg nga naai gamay agi-an sa kilid.
D ka mawala kai naai mga manong/manang dha mgcgeg pangutana kng mglukat ba ka ug license.
Again, just go directly to the office and don’t entertain them.

Ika sulod nmu naai duha ka offices. Adto kas left side na office naai guard ddto.

I arrived there mga 12:30 noon.
I was expecting that I would have to wait until 1 p.m. because of the lunch break.
I was surprised they don’t have lunch breaks!
They also have a signage inside the office “NO LUNCH BREAKS”.
Well just my luck!

When I arrived sa office ubay-ubay ra ang taw not that crowded jd versus to what I have expected also.
Pag-adto nko kai ang guard ngasikaso ug check sa mga requirements nmu gidala.
I think the incharge person was on break.
You will be given the application form for you to sign up.
Badtrip na naman ko kai kalimot kog dala ug ballpen!
So I tried to borrow ballpen from the guard but arte mn xa kai SIGN PEN dw iya basin ma BLOT dw.. hmph!
So I secretly borrowed a ballpen from the desk of the incharge who was on break (I returned it naman!)

When filling up, take a look at a sample form posted on the wall near the side tables as well as the corresponding kgs for every lbs (know your weight because it is needed in the form, as well as your height ;))

I had wrote my TIN number in the form (just following the TIN written in my company ID).
And when I submitted the form to the guard he said I must have my TIN ID photocopied.
Abi pd nko same ra ang TIN ug SSS so akoa gipa photocopy kai akoang SSS ID.
Good thing pd kai naa rai canteen directly tapad sa office na naai photocopier and wa kau taw (P2 per copy).
Pg photocopy na ingon kog HALA, SSS mn d.i ni..
So I told the guard of my mistake and just showed him my company ID where the TIN was written.
So he told me to have my company ID photocopied too. ARGGG
At this time I was super tired already.
I think a photocopy of your birth certificate (which I already have with me) would already suffice as this was the case of my friend who had hers just last month too.
I should have not written my TIN number! ARGGH!

But anyway, after the guard, everything went on smoothly and fast enough that I was out of there in less than 30mins.

Here is what followed after guard’s approval:
1. Guard gives you another form.
2. Head to the window number the guard said you should go and give your forms and requirements.
3. Wait for a while and when your name is called, have your picture taken.
4. Wait for another while and when your name is called, pay up.
I paid Php 318 (actually Php 317.63 automatically rounded off!).
5. Wait for your name then your SP is released. WHOOPEE!

Now I am ready for my driving lessons in BEST Driving School. 😉

BTW, here are some things you should bring before heading out to LTO:
1. Ballpen – kai naa kai ifill up na form
2. Some money greater than P318 (exact change is better) – bayad sa SP processing
3. Photocopy of your Birth Certificate – requirement nila
4. If you are employed, photocopy of your company ID (back to back) – apparently, requirement sa guard

For more info, visit their website in this link.

I have also made a tutorial about how to parallel park (technique was from BEST Driving School).

Lazada Philippines


17 thoughts on “HOW-TO: Getting a Student’s Permit in LTO Cebu

    • Yes sakto jd ka sir!
      Mas mau mgpakahibalo jd ta..
      NO to fixers jd..
      Hopefully soon naa nai balaod mapriso na na cla para undangon na nla..
      Inside job ra bya jd na..
      kanang mga corrupt dha wai konsenxa.. obviously..

  1. pwdi raba allumni id or voters id e apply sa SP for valid id’s nga ilang gkanahanglan kai wala paman gud ko nag trabaho?

  2. hello po, I don’t know if maka-answer ka ani ako question (but hopefully maka-answer ka hehe 🙂 ) anyway, i do have my tin number with me but prob is, and i do not have a tin id.. required jud ang tin id sis?

  3. My SP is 1 month old and GUESS WHAT MAN?! I FAILED THE LTO EXAM!!!! :DDDD Yep it was in LTO Main. it seem pretty easy but then before i shade the circle i try to picture out in my mind how will i do this and that but then i dont get it though i still fail for no reason. i did the very best to study hard just for this coz i really need to drive. but this time i went to LTO Danao and since i dont wanna lie to them and besides i can get caught for cheating them that i failed the exam in LTO main and transfer to LTO Danao. they told me they would help me so i hope so if they can so we’ll see 😛

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