FOOD: Tazza Cafe Cebu

Dainty and clean cafe.
I would like to emphasize clean because lately all the other cafes have these freedom walls where everybody can stick notes and write about anything.
It was a pretty cool idea at first but once it is all filled up, they all look dirty vandalisms.
I wish these cafes could clean up their walls at least once a week.

Anyway at Tazza Cafe there was no freedom wall and everything’s formal and neat.
Service was enough, the waiters were friendly and accomodating.
It was our first time here.
We only tried the desserts.

Warm brownie cup

Blueberry cheesecakeIMG_1212.JPG


Here’s some of their other foodIMG_1215.JPG



Their pretty cake decorIMG_1219.JPG



I should definitely come back and try some of their other delectables!
They’re located at the ground floor of Tsai hotel which is located just before Camp Lapulapu. 🙂



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