TRAVEL Cebu: Where to Stay in Oslob?

Ate Veny’s humble and cozy abode is located just 2 to 3 minutes walk to whale watching area.
Contact her: +63 929 785 6976

You will not miss her house as it is directly infront of the Tan-awan Elementary School.
If you are travelling by bus (like we did), just tell the conductor beforehand.
Ate Veny will be waiting for you by the roadside.

I had a great funny short story about how luck was on our side.
I contacted Ate Veny just a few days (I think 3 days) before our planned Oslob trip.
I researched the web and grabbed numbers from owners of recommended places to stay in Oslob from various blogs.
The first one I contacted said that it was already fully booked.
I was nervous since it was sembreak and a lot of families would surely go on vacation at that time.
Then I contacted Ate Veny who I was quite reluctant to contact since the only picture that was shown on the blog was a cemented (that is unfurnished) outside wall of a house.
But Ate Veny was very accommodating and luckily had rooms available for 9 people (+1 small adult girl).
She said that one room would accommodate 7 people and the other fits 2 people.
On the day of our trip, we went to Kawasan Falls first and met with my sister who had already went to Oslob Whale Watching before with her boyfriend and his family.
She said the place that they were staying before was really nice and cheap but she already told me beforehand that she didn’t get the number of the owner because the cellphone her boyfriend’s mom was using got lost.
We would have wanted to go to that place.
And then I said, well maybe the place I reserved is the place where you could have stayed before.
So we talked like as if it was a joke game.
I said “…Is the owner’s name Ate Veny???”
My sister did not fully remember the owner’s name but she said that “yeah it sound that she could be it!”
And then I said “Well it is right across Tana-awan Elementary School”.
And she said “Yes! that is it!”
But we were not really sure it was the same place since she said that there are a lot of places in that area offering rooms for rent.
Until.. we met Ate Veny by the roadside when we arrived.
She and my sister were pretty excited to see each other again.
And oh, Ate Veny makes the BEST BANANA CAKE EVER! and her BROWNIES are also to die for!
I highly suggest you bring some of these goodies with you on your return back home or you will regret!
I would love to go back to Ate Veny’s place just to order those!

Anyway, sorry for the delay.
Here are the pictures of her wonderful abode:
BTW, the place you will be staying is actually her house where she and her American (really friendly and sweet) husband is staying, so be polite and observe your manners all throughout your stay.






DINING AREA (with our ordered lunch)

She has a menu for breakfast and lunch.
I forgot if she caters for dinner (I think probably not).
When we went there it was already dinnertime and we had dinner at a nearby restaurant that also serves wonderful food.
BTW, the BBQ below is not part of her menu.
It is per special request by my sister who tasted it before and said it was the best there is.
Notice also the banana cake slices in this picture. They are absolutely YUM!



SIDE AREA (pictured here with one of Ate Veny’s cats)IMG_2016.JPG


OUR 2-PERSON BEDROOM (I wasn’t able to take a picture of the 7-PERSON bedroom but it helds 2 huge bed)IMG_2022.JPG



CR/BATHROOM (shared – there is one downstairs and one upstairs)IMG_2030.JPG












When we went there, rate is P350 per head. WORTH IT!


10 thoughts on “TRAVEL Cebu: Where to Stay in Oslob?

  1. Hi,im janette,,and we will be going to oslob this feb5,ate veny’s number is out of coverage,,do you have another contact number?we are from dvo,,we are 8adults

    • Hi Janette, I am afraid that is the only number I have of Ate Veny’s. Please contact that number again though. Catching a signal at her house is very hard. She had to go out of her house or put her cellphone on the window to send/receive messages. 🙂

  2. Its so hard to contact Ms. Vany.. i really do find her place homey and i really love to stay at her place. Im kinda worried if i wont be able to make a reservations to her. our trip is on the 26th of september. does she have a facebook account aside from this number/

  3. tried calling the number just now (1-9-2017) but cant be reached. Will be in Oslob this Saturday.
    Any other contact details pls? Thanks

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