TRAVEL CEBU: Kawasan Falls

This was my second visit to Kawasan Falls in Badjan Cebu.
The first one was years and years ago when I was still a kid.
The place has been developed for easier access vs before (but still the way is challenging).
On this latest trip, I was with my sisters and their boylets and my loves boyfie and macy.

Kawasan Falls has 4 levels.
To get to each level, you have to hikeeeee along rivers and climb up rocks.
Make sure your feet and shoes or slippers are in very good condition because it sure is a long walk (but exciting especially with a group).
The biggest falls is located at the first level.
The widest place to swim is in the second and this is where we stopped, rented a cottage, swam, and ate our lunch.
If you are feeling more adventurous, you can still hike up to the third level which is just a dam really and then to the best part the fourth level which is the source and mother of the falls.
Boyfie and I felt adventurous that time so we did the hiking even when it was drizzling! It was slippery and I did slipped and fell on my butt when boyfie wanted to do a selfie!
Be prepared to cross rivers using one-stick bamboo bridges with no hand rails.
I practically crawled my way!
For me though, the most challenging hike was from the first to the second coz it was more like a rock climbing stint!















I'd like to hear from y'all!

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