REVIEW: Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip

Last year, my boyfriend (who visited me from far far away) got me these cute lippies. I specifically asked him this Sephora Favorites which costs only $25 with $90 value inside. It contains 6 lippies. Honestly, only one these (the Bite one) has a dark shade. Most are almost colorless like lip shimmers. My favorite among them is the Urban Decay. Though Bite also has a fun shade and finish, it doesn’t seem to fit in Philippine hot weather as it melted inside my bag. 2015/01/img_2624.jpg2015/01/img_2623.jpg2015/01/img_2626.jpg




Marc Jacobs2015/01/img_26391.jpg2015/01/img_26401.jpg2015/01/img_2641.jpg


Urban Decay2015/01/img_26271.jpg2015/01/img_26281.jpg2015/01/img_26291.jpg


Specials thanks to boyfie for this treat! ❤


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